Tag Scrubber is here

By far the most-frequently requested feature has been a way to prune certain irrelevant tags from tag clouds — i.e. create a tag blacklist.

Of course, everyone has a different opinion about which tags are irrelevant and, moreover, those opinions change depending on the particular text being visualized.

What was needed was a way for users (you!) to create many different blacklists and be able to choose the one applicable to your current task.

Et voila!

Introducing the Tag Scrubber. It’s still in its infancy, but currently allows you to create and edit any number of tag blacklists. As of now, all blacklists are shared among all users. If I ever implement user accounts (bureaucracy, eek!), you can have your own private collection of ’em. Until then, please refrain from divulging your deep dark secrets in alphabetic lists of irrelevant words.

~ Daniel Steinbock