New Release! Cloud saving goes live

Now when you generate your spiffy new cloud, you get the HTML source code along with it so you can easily post it on your own web pages and blogs. The code and its rendered image are released under an Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons License, which means you are totally free to copy, distribute, display and modify your clouds as you please — as long as you give a little hat-tip to TagCrowd for making your clouds shine.

We’ve finally achieved the founding goal of this webapp: make it easy to generate and publish a word cloud using any text source.

Enjoy, and please keep the feedback coming. Thanks so much for your great ideas and praise!

One Reply to “New Release! Cloud saving goes live”

  1. Daniel,

    Is there any way, or any intention of building in the capacity, to save the tagcloud as an image file? If not, would you mind sharing how you outputted to Flickr?

    Also, is there any way of getting the raw frequency data out after the analysis has been carried out (i.e. the numbers which were used to decide which class to put each tag in)?



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