Save clouds as PDF

I’m pleased to release a long-requested feature. You can now save your text clouds in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. That means they are scalable for printing at any size. You’ll get a letter-sized document that you can scale to your own needs.

I’ve also streamlined the interface to make it easy to save your cloud in one of three formats:

  1. HTML embed (easy insert into your webpages)
  2. printable/full screen (good for creating jpg/gif/png images of your clouds for websites and docs)
  3. PDF (ideal for printing large or small, email attachments, reports)

I’m planning on adding the option to create both landscape and portrait PDFs.

As with any new feature, post questions or comments on this blog post.

5 Replies to “Save clouds as PDF”

  1. If you have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed, you can print the TagCloud to pdf. When you select the Print option, change the printer setting from your original printer selection to Adobe PDF. This will convert the TagCloud to .pdf. Then save the resulting .pdf.

  2. Would love to see that long-awaited TagCrowd API!! This is just about the best cloud factory on the web and being able to hook into your capabilities dynamically would satisfy a lot of client demands and make my life much easier when it came to providing a good search experience for Web 2.0 saavy end users.


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