Customized HTML clouds for embedding

It’s now easier than ever to customize the size and look of your TagCrowd text clouds when embedding them in HTML web pages and blog posts.

You’ll now find a new “CUSTOMIZE” section near the top of the HTML Embed code where you can customize some of the CSS styles to suit the style of your webpage. Custom styles include font and font size, overall cloud size, margins, padding, borders and background color.

In the near future we’ll introduce controls for changing the color and fonts without having to edit CSS.

(As always, you can edit the CSS that lies outside the customize section, though it’s advanced and we can’t provide support for that.)

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  1. This is awesome. I’ve used similar services, but never one so easy. I’ve pasted my resume, web copy, and press releases into “enter text” area and TC instantly alerts me to my BS…


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