New version, features + fixes

A new version of TagCrowd recently went live. There are a few major fixes and some new features:

1. Major overhaul of the web spider for URL/webpage text sources. You’ll find that a lot more sites will work properly now (notably, Wikipedia).

2. You can now get multi-word phrases to stay together in the cloud (e.g. New York). More info here.

3. Major overhaul of the error reporting system. Now if there are problems with your text source or cloud, you’ll see a more informative error. Behind the scenes, I’m now able to better track what errors people are having, and fix them faster.

4. Updated the Help page.

TagCrowd how now been running since Summer of 2006, almost 5 years, and been visited by almost a million different people in that time. It long ago graduated from Beta status, but ‘Beta’ is still part of the logo as a reminder to always improve and better serve the needs of TagCrowd users.